NARIP Licensing Session 11.10.11

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  1. Ryan, everyone loved you. Thanks for making time for us, can't wait for your London session in Feb 2012! A few quotes from people who attended in New York (if I may):

    "Last night's session with Ryan Fitch was wonderful! Ryan is a straight shooter with class and sensitivity and I got a lot out of the session in terms of what he is looking for. I have made incredible contacts in the advertising business because of NARIP and there is no other music networking group that comes close to what NARIP offers, I'm a fan!" Gail Vareilles, Sandshifter Music

    "Ryan was an awesome guest who genuinely appreciated the music we had to offer and gave us spot-on, thoughtful comments with which to build upon. I can see why he was voted a top music supervisor in last year's NARIP poll! We all went out with Ed [Razzano - program moderator] afterwards (including Ryan) to cap off a great 6-session series [in New York]. I know I speak for all of us, especially the ones like me who attended all of the sessions, when I say that we're sad that they are ending. - Annie Calder, Coral West Music