Sonic Scoop Interview

David Weiss cornered me and got me to spill some industry secrets for his blog Sonic Scoop.


  1. Hi Ryan,
    Enjoyed the interview, very informative. Originally from Dublin I'm now based in Spain and work singing and writing jingles and stuff for TV/cinema...I also sing with two bands and control the masters and publishing. I'd love to get in contact to send you some stuff, what's the best route? My email is,

  2. Hello Ryan!

    I just read your article and I definetly want to thank you for the information and insight. I am the Music Director of a small independent production company and we have plenty of sample free and clear music to offer. Everything is owned and ready to go. I would love to send you some material for your review. Its great to see that people and companies are still into helping the indies grow financially. My email is please respond with yours and i will send you material. Thanks again.

    Michael "GoldenFleece" Ramsey